Jon houdyschell | What Does a CEO Actually Do?

Jon houdyschell
Jon houdyschell

Jon houdyschell – What Does a CEO Actually Do? 

What are the duties and responsibilities of a CEO? Jennifer said they can be ambiguous, depending on how the organization is structured.

To begin with, let’s define what a CEO means. CEO is an acronym for the chief executive officer, which is the highest-ranking officer in a company or institution.

Jon houdyschell / Typically, the CEO is responsible for the following items:

Managerial decisions
Operations and performance
Company resources, and sometimes tools
Communications with the board of directors
Implementation of short- and long-term plans
Addressing the needs of employees, customers, investors, communities and the law
CEO Duties That Can’t Be Delegated
Many of the responsibilities stated above can be given to others in the organization to handle, with the CEO overseeing them. But there are some duties that fall solely on the shoulders of the CEO.

For example, it is their responsibility to make a mission statement for the organization and then develop a strategy to get everyone there. They’re also the person who sets and models the organization’s culture, values, and behavior for employees, customers and the community writ large.

A CEO will also be in charge of building, landing and developing the senior executive team that carries out the directives of the CEO. Another major duty of any CEO is to allocate resources and capital for the organization’s priorities.

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