Jon houdyschell | Do You Want To Increase Your Business?

Jon houdyschell
Jon houdyschell

Jon houdyschell – For a successful business, you must have three things. These are on-going commitment, attainable goals and an area of expertise to the market.

If you have a business, you should read the following points to know how to increase it:

1) Knock-your-socks-off: – Jon houdyschell

You should put more effort into the work you do more than the end product.

We all know that although there are times when customers are not right, you should always treat them with respect and kindness. Make them feel that you care for them so that they will come back to buy from you again.

2) Make contacts and speak up: – Jon houdyschell

Whenever there is a meeting, do not just attend. Let people recognize and learn to like you.

To increase business, making contacts with people and speaking go hand in hand. So, speak more and write less about your business.

3) News releases: – Jon houdyschell

Have a systematic program (preferably after every one or two months) of sending informative news releases to the media. This news will be helpful to the people who are going to read it.

This way, you do not only appear as an expert in the publisher’s eyes, but you will also become a reliable source whenever they need some other news.

4) Be a source of the media: – Jon houdyschell
Develop relationships with editors who deal in your area of expertise.

The two most vital things you should put in mind if you wish to be a media source are:

a) Only contact the editors when you have something important to report to them.

b) Be available all the time so that when your work is excellent, the editor can call you for questions about your work.

5) Writing feature articles: – Jon houdyschell

One way you can increase your business is through writing and publishing articles. Through this, you receive the additional advantage of an amplified endorsement from the publisher who will publish your article.

Your article should capture the reader and make them want to get more material from you. They should be clear and brief, giving practical material right away.

The aim of these articles is to know your target market and where to find them.

Write articles that give a problem and a solution as well as those which explain something new that involves your business.

6) Response publicity (targeted public relations): – Jon houdyschell

To increase business by responding to publicity ensures that all the effort that you put in public relations gets a reaction from the market that you are targeting.

7) Get referrals: – Jon houdyschell

If you are wondering how to increase business from getting referrals, stop wondering any more.

One thing you should note is that the best way to get referrals is to give referrals. For this to happen, you must be respected by that other individual because he or she wants to feel good about referring you. 

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